D I Y Autumn Leaf Wall

Welcome to my D I Y autumn leaf wall tutorial, Its super fun and easy to do and will get you feeling festive and creative with very little effort!


After seeing countless flower walls this summer, I was inspired to make an autumn leaf one ! After all it is my favourite season. This wall was super fun & easy to make, with little materials needed, so get out and collect a nice pile of leaves and get making!

After a very successful leaf collecting trip, i tried to get as many different varieties, sizes and colours as possible to add fun & interest.

Some of the leaves were crumpled and not looking there best, So quick tip, I gave them a quick iron on a cool setting and i’m super happy with them, I ironed slowly from the bottom to the centre and out, Yes i actually ironed leaves i thought i was going mad to, Until they all came out so perfect! i’ve added some pictures so you can see the difference its totally worth a little effort!


so get your pile of freshly ironed leaves, and start applying them to the wall, i started with a few favourites trying to add different leaf types, sizes and colours equally, adding a few at a time and standing back to check you like it, I love the copper paper tape with makes the whole wall look really chic!


TA DA! And you’ve made yourself am autumnal masterpiece, focal point, photo backdrop, it can be whatever you want it to be but its certainly gorgeous and a lot of fun!